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We are more than company. For instance, based on our twelve years’ experience in china, we help companies find sourcing solutions for their products that are sold in major-brand name, retail store in international markets. Our sourcing team built enduring relationships with several viable manufacturers in China. We offer you over 50 manufacturing companies, from across a broad spectrum of disciplines, serving a variety of industries. Manufacturers in our sourcing network play a large roll in researching the new materials and techniques needed to develop tomorrow’s hottest designs and products. Multi-tiered checking at the factory and independent levels, ensures quality control.We are able to help you prototype, produce, ship and sell your products.
With our professional and efficient team, we can provide our customers:

Sourcing service:
Supplier Identification & Price Research
Sample & Prototype Development
Quality Assurance & Quality Inspections
Social Compliance Audits
Product Compliance Consulting & Product Testing
Shipping & Logistic
We give you risk-free access china’s abundant opportunities. We are focused on services, have the passion to succeed and the commitment to assist you in your company’s growth. 

Sourcing experience
Measurement & Analysis Instruments 
Construction, household and furnishing
Textile & Leather Product 
Computer Hardware & Software 
Health & Medical
Solar panels
power generator
Metallurgy, Chemicals, Rubber & Plastics
Metal fabrication and forming
Aluminum extrusion, aluminum & zinc die casting

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